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Kathrine’s Little Miracles

Ten years ago Kathrine became a widow without any education or marketable skills to care for herself or her four young children. Kathrine looked for work everywhere, but there were many days that the family went to bed hungry. Finally Kathrine found a job as the cook at a small school. Preparing big pots of porridge daily was a tough job for this tiny woman, but she was determined to provide for her family in any way that she could.

• • •

An adult literacy class was held at this school and after feeding a hundred students, Kathrine joined the group herself and became an avid learner. Her innate intelligence soon became obvious and within a few months she was able to read novels and help the other women with their lessons. When she didn't know the meaning of a word, she would use the dictionary found in Elizabeth's Library. Katherine has an insatiable hunger to learn, and she soon was able to pass the equivalent of an American GED diploma. She then put her efforts into gaining computer skills, which led to becoming a teacher's assistant in an elementary class. But Katherine’s real dream was to be the director of a pre-school. It was truly a joy for Elizabeth's Library International to grant a scholarship to Kathrine to earn her Early Childhood Development Certificate. Katherine has known the challenge of raising four children as a single mother while working, and putting herself through school, but with prayer and determination, Kathrine graduated with honors.

• • •

Katherine opened her little pre-school with one student, a little girl named Miracle. The community watched as Miracle blossomed under Kathrine's care, and soon other parents asked Kathrine to teach their children. When more students enrolled in her school it was time to find a small facility. She asked for ideas for the school's name, and an ELI Board member suggested, " Small Beginnings with Jesus." Before the country's government closed the schools due to the pandemic, Small Beginnings with Jesus had 27 children enrolled. Two of these young pre-schoolers were orphans, therefore without the possibility of attending a regular school. Another child in her school has Down's Syndrome, whom she first met when visiting a home in the community. There are many precious little children in this pre- school, and more will enroll when the school resumes!

• • •

Kathrine says, “My life experience testifies that God works in every life situation bringing life and hope." Elizabeth's Library International rejoices to be a part of this story. In addition to funding Kathrine's scholarship, ELI was able to provide a selection of children's Bibles and age specific books, games, and puzzles to help launch Kathrine's school. And little Miracle remains her star student!

• • •

This Giving Tuesday, your financial gift of any kind supports ELI's mission to establish libraries, literacy programs, and support specific educational opportunities. There are others like Kathrine with a heart to learn, and want to use their skills to change the lives of others. Please partner with us in this life transforming mission.

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