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Drive Sweet Susu Produce

Just three years ago, the community of Britton, South Dakota raised the funds needed for EL Zambia to purchase 250 acres of undeveloped fertile farm land. Acre by acre, the Susu farmers cleared (by hand) the land and planted a variety of crops. Their goal was to provide food for the school children, and to establish income generating projects that would support the operating costs of the community library, mobile library, and various educational programs. The Lord has blessed their stewardship of the land with abundant crops, so much so that it has become a challenge for these farmers to move the harvests to the major market areas in a timely way. The traditional cart and oxen means of transport to local markets is slow, and the need to rent a large enough truck for further away markets is expensive and often unreliable. Susu needs a truck of their own to carry their Sweet Susu Produce to market for the waiting customers near and far.

First Delivery to Kabwe
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