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Good News in July 2020

ELI is excited to share our monthly Good News with you. Despite many personal and environmental challenges in these pandemic times, our ELI staff continue to run a limited mobile library program in Zambia, expand the the poultry project in Zimbabwe, and supervise the construction of the new library building in Susu Village, Zambia. Rejoice with us as you read the details of these stories and others that will bring a smile to your heart.


Susu Village, Zambia

We at ELI, and the people of Susu Village are amazed as we watch the construction of the new community library building.  Last month's Good News launched our "Pave the Way" campaign to raise the remaining $5000 needed to fully fund the cost of the library construction. ELI supporters were encouraged to purchase a $50 brick with their name, and be part of paving the way to literacy and education in Susu and surrounding villages. ELI is thrilled to report that $1700 has already been received! Our Zambian staff are hand painting the names of their many new friends from far away, and keeping them in their prayers. As people walk the path to the new library, they too will be reminded of the generosity of ELI's supporters. We hope you will consider purchasing a brick or two and honoring someone special in your life. 


Domboshava, Zimbabwe 

The Domboshava Literacy Ladies have been carefully tending the first 100 baby chicks at their new poultry project. The chicks have been growing well and will soon be ready to be sold at market. This wonderful income generating project along with their flourishing vegetable gardens supports the Literacy Ladies with much needed food for their families during these very tough times, and will eventually be a source of financial support for the library when it reopens. 

When the Domboshava Library reopens, the staff plan to start a mobile library program modeled after our very successful program in Susu, Zambia. The library books and other resources will be very welcome in the rural schools in the Domboshava area. In July 2020, Kathleen Ageton, an ELI Board member and professional librarian had a FB birthday fundraiser to purchase the first bicycle to use in the mobile library program. The  specially designed bicycle will also be used by the Domboshava Literacy Ladies to transport their chickens and vegetables to more distant markets. It's a double blessing for everyone and a very special thank you to all who have contributed so far. Happy Birthday Kathleen!'


A New Addition

We welcome a new puppy named Gloria! Gloria will join Watchman, (who is still a pup in training himself) to be the guard dogs on the Susu Village farm. The goat herd and the ever expanding vegetable gardens are valuable resources for the community now, and will be the future support for the new library, so they must be well guarded. 


Creative Supporters and Blessings for our Communities

The Shoreline Church Dress a Girl seamstresses have contributed beautiful handmade little girl dresses, which will be packed in our next shipment of book boxes. For many of the girls in these poor communities, a new dress allows them to be properly attired, and enables them to attend church and school. ( click to read update from Mr. Kenneth)

This month, ELI was given a very special gift from nine year old Levi, one of our very young supporters. Levi and his Grandma Michelle (aka Omi) sorted through Levi's past favorite books that he has now outgrown. Levi donated thirty books to the children of Africa! Somewhere ten thousand miles away, Dr.Seuss and other great authors will touch the heart of another child or two or three.......


Are you interested in partnering with ELI?

Perhaps you, your church, service group or neighbors would like to fund a one time need at one of our library locations.

Here are a few current ideas:

  • bookcases for a very poor rural school so they can join the mobile library program

  • funds to purchase local language children's books & Bibles

  • seeds and fertilizer for a new garden (food & income generating project)

  • solar panels for the new library at Susu

  • solar panels & refrigerator for the goat milk processing barn at Susu Village

For more information regarding these needs and ideas for your fundraiser, please contact us at

ELI is very grateful for the prayers, creative gifts, and financial support of so many. Your gifts bless so many lives, and this ministry could not have the impact in Africa without you! So thank you!

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