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The community of Susu would love to express their deepest thanks and appreciation for your generosity for the 114 dresses sent to the little girls. These dresses have brought great joy, not only to the little girls who had the privilege of receiving this gesture but to us as well.

It is so heartwarming to receive these dresses because most of these children came to school and church dressed in rags. This was so heart breaking. The children are so happy and look wonderful.

Furthermore, these dresses have given the children the zeal to go to school and church. The children feel loved, and are now encouraged to get an education and become better people. They have seen God’s grace and love through your generosity. Other children have also been encouraged to attend church and school.

We are thankful to God for people like you who have the heart for African communities. Through ELI working in our village and surrounding communities, lives are being touched, and this gives children hope for a better education and a better future. Many lives are being transformed through your kind gesture. Some children in our community never had the chance to go to church or school because they lacked clothes, but you have given them a chance with new dresses. It is a rare privilege to have you, for you are a blessing to many people.

Therefore we want to thank you for these dresses. May God continue blessing you and your families, we are grateful for your kindness, for this is the true gospel, you are preaching as the Bible records- (Matthew 10:8) “Heal the sick, bring the dead back to life, heal those who suffer from the dreaded skin diseases, and drive out demons. You have received without paying so give without pay.” Our prayer is that God blesses you even more. May you continue touching and transforming many lives not only in our community and throughout the globe.


Blessings from Susu,


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