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Good News in August & September 2022

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Excitement, shouts of joy and happy songs welcome the visiting ELI mobile libraries in rural villages of Zambia and Malawi. Why? It is for the love of learning! Whether working puzzles, learning the alphabet, solving a math problem or learning how to sew; men, women and children are acquiring knowledge and mastering new skills. Our library directors remind us the books and educational resources provided by ELI are "precious" and never taken for granted. Lives and communities are changing because of your support of ELI and we are excited to share these good news stories with you.



Mr. Benson's Farm Library

Mr. Benson's farm library has been featured in many previous Good News articles; he is one of the book monitors for the Susu Community Library. The library is located several miles away, and his farm has become a special meeting place for both children and adults to enjoy books and educational resources. Recently Mr. Kenneth (ELI Zambia Director) was welcomed to the farm with smiles and joyous singing, which "Blessed him abundantly."

Kenneth happily put on his teaching hat and spent time helping children complete puzzles and read stories. He commented, "I selected stories to share with the children why they should appreciate God, and His marvelous works that we see every day. I reminded them of God's presence and His love for children." Kenneth also reported they didn’t want him to stop reading which also touched Mr. Benson's heart, so he plans to hold more story times for these little ones.

The compassion and care Mr. Benson and Mr. Kenneth have to reach those who would otherwise be left behind is a blessing to their communities. Jesus tells us, "It is more blessed to give than to receive,” (Acts 20:35). These men tirelessly give of themselves for the benefit of others. ELI is very grateful for their willingness to serve their communities.


Brunelli Literacy Ladies

Mr. Kenneth reports,

"Last August, this literacy group received support to help them start a sewing program. The material and basic supplies were purchased, and a sewing instructor was hired to give a basic tutorial on learning to sew. It is a season full of excitement at Brunelli as the women have their turn to learn how to operate the one sewing machine and make simple clothing. At this reporting, the Brunelli ladies are doing well and appreciate the support. They are praying for the funds to purchase at least one more machine as 17 women want to learn this skill." Only $200 is needed to fully fund the purchase of one more sewing machine.



Chimuta Literacy Program

Thanks to ELI supporters, the Chimuta Literacy ladies dream of learning to read and write is coming true. They know that literacy is the key to opening the door out of poverty. This is the joyous update contributed by ELI Director Jacob.

“We have a very good literacy program in Chimuta village, I am excited to share with you one of the success stories of this literacy program. Solofina A. is one of the students that have been attending classes. She was not able to read and write but was determined to learn through hard work and perseverance. This lady said to me that next time we visit her village with Bibles, she would like to have one. She wants to read the Bible and be able to help her children with their homework; something that was impossible before the literacy class because she was illiterate. Solofina has extended her happiness to me and also said that I should personally thank Elizabeth’s Library International for helping her achieve her dreams through this literacy program. She also thanks God that He gave her the courage to be focused on her dreams.”

Several months ago, a folding table and chairs were purchased for the mobile library visits. This resource dramatically changed how the children could use the puzzles and other educational resources. For this past year, 15 adult literacy students have sat on the ground and held a clipboard. A table and chairs for the literacy class would make learning much easier for these determined women.

A folding table and six chairs - $300.



ELI teacher Grace has a special bond with Dorothy. During the mobile library visits, she continues to reinforce the sign language skills that Dorothy is learning at her new school. Grace and the entire village are amazed at the incredible change in this little girl as she learns to communicate and participate in many activities. ELI supporters have funded five months of school for Dorothy and her mother. It is very important that Dorothy’s mother also learns sign language, so Dorothy has someone who understands her and can share with their village friends. It is ELI's hope that Dorothy can continue her schooling. The weekly cost for this opportunity is $200. Will you please consider gifting this precious daughter and mother with another week of school? Every week of school builds their future. Thank you.


It is wonderful to see the progress made through both our Malawi and Zambia library projects. The literacy programs provide opportunities for adults to learn what they missed from not being able to attend school. The children are being encouraged to read and to imagine greater possibilities not afforded to their parents. They will be the future teachers, doctors, and farmers of their communities. Your partnership through monthly donations or a one time gift are instrumental in achieving the aspirations and dreams of these families.

Immediate Needs:

  • Dorothy’s schooling - $200 weekly

  • Folding Table & chairs for Chimuta Literacy program - $300

  • Sewing machine for Brunelli Literacy ladies - $200

Elizabeth’s Library is a non profit organization, all donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your generosity in giving for the love of learning.

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