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Long ago in a small South Dakota community....

Lana Lynn, founder of Elizabeth’s Library International, grew up in the small town of Britton, South Dakota. She always loved learning and spent many happy hours in the local library reading books on a variety of subjects. When the librarian realized that Lana had read almost all the books in the library, she made arrangements with the State Library system to send books to her on a regular basis. Lana recounts, ‘ I remember so well my excitement, the day the first cardboard box arrived at my home and I carefully unpacked the books – one by one.

Every few weeks for many years, I would send a request list to the State Library and shortly after, a new box would arrive at my home – opening the world to me. I never imagined that one day, I’d be part of an organization sending cardboard boxes of books around the world to start libraries where there are none.’

Lana’s professional career in Nursing Education and Management, Humanitarian Relief, DoD consultant and service on the Boards of several non-profits would take her to 38 countries. Beginning with her first humanitarian relief mission on the Thailand/Cambodia border, she always found an opportunity to start either a literacy class for adults or to share books with people eager to have access to a book.

It was a true joy for her to know Elizabeth Tolhurst and participate in the effort that established the Elizabeth’s Library in Lilongwe, Malawi and watch the impact of this resource on the local community. From this experience and a personal passion to share her love of reading and learning with others, the vision and idea for Elizabeth’s Library International began.

Consider being a part of the future of Elizabeth’s Library International by partnering with us through your prayers and financial contributions.

Please return to our Programs section to see the picture of the Children’s Reading Room in the new Britton Public Library – then imagine the potential for Elizabeth’s Libraries around the world!

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