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2023 Christmas List

With hearts still full from the Thanksgiving holiday; ELI remains very thankful for you. Without your financial gifts and your faithful prayers these past ten years, our friends in Africa would not have known the blessings they have enjoyed through ELI. God has met many needs and blessed so many adults & children through your investments, and we are confident that as you've read the amazing stories in our newsletters you too were filled with thanksgiving.

During this Christmas season, as we focus on the greatest Gift given, ELI offers many opportunities to bless friends with new Bibles, pastoral training, literacy and vocational classes, goats and more to minister to these communities. Please prayerfully consider funding one of the special needs on our Christmas list below. Thank you so much.

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men!"

- Luke 2:14



Susu Farm

This last year, the Susu Farm was blessed with the acquisition of an additional 25 hectares of land, providing more opportunities to diversify and increase the crops. The first potato harvest has gone to market; mangos and bananas will soon be harvested and sold this month. These harvests contribute to the financial support of the library and the outreach programs. The rainy season will soon begin, and it is time to plant corn, potatoes and new fruit trees. A disc harrow would be a great help to till the soil of the new land and clear all the weeds. EL Zambia continues to pray for a well, providing the needed irrigation when the rains end.

Susu Community Library

The library's inventory of books and educational resources continues to grow in response to the request of more schools to be included in the mobile library program. A large shipment will arrive this summer, and the library needs additional quality bookshelves that are not available in Zambia but can be shipped from the US.

The youth of Susu community have been meeting weekly at the Susu Library for Bible study group. In a rural community with little access to organized activities for teens, the library is a favorite place to meet up. There is suitable space near the library to play soccer and volleyball if sports equipment is available.

Literacy Programs

Mr. Benson's Farm

The newly organized literacy class is eager to begin, however they need a few basic supplies.

Brunelli and Chibwe Literacy and Tailoring programs

The graduates of the literacy and tailoring programs are eager to use their new knowledge and skills. A sewing machine and start up supplies will launch a small business to provide much needed income for each woman and her family.



Three villages eagerly wait for the twice monthly Saturday visits from the EL Malawi mobile library. The car will be packed full with team members, books, games, puzzles, blocks and the one folding table and six chairs. It's a lot of work to pack and unpack everything three times in one day - especially the one table and chairs. The purchase of additional tables and chairs for each village is a high priority. That way, games and puzzles could be left with the village monitor and children would be able to access the resources in between visits. Additionally, two new adult literacy programs would use the furniture to begin their studies. It is difficult to sit on the ground and hold a clipboard in your lap, while learning to read and write.

Dorothy's Education

Dorothy is waiting to return to the special school for the deaf in Lilongwe. Due to lack of funds, she has not attended school for many weeks. Dorothy has made tremendous progress in the last two years - from total inability to communicate to learning sign language and basic life skills. Please consider a very generous gift, so this precious nine year old can continue the adventure of learning.



Thank you for blessing our African friends with a special gift this Christmas. Your commitment to become a faithful monthly supporter of any amount will be a tremendous blessing to all our ELI ministries.


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