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Libraries, Literacy and Educational Opportunities

“Knowledge gives children the power to dream of a better future and the confidence needed to pursue a full education which in turn will help generations to come.” 

- ChildFund International

Susu Village

Elizabeth’s Library is located in Susu Village, Zambia and is a thriving model of what can be accomplished from very humble beginnings. The project began when the two room community school received quality books and educational resources to start a small library. Within months, a mobile library outreach began and soon many rural communities had access to these priceless resources. Today, Susu has a beautiful modern library outfitted with solar energy that has become an educational and community center.


EL Malawi began in late 2020 as a mobile library program to remote villages, where neither children nor adults had access to books or other educational resources. Three villages were selected and within a few weeks, the communities were eagerly anticipating library day. For most of these children, it was the first opportunity to choose a book to read, complete a puzzle or create with building blocks.


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