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Hurrahs on Library Day

The ELI mobile book library that circulates out of Susu Village Library is on the move, literally! Currently, eleven schools participate in the mobile library program with five thousand students able to access books and educational materials they might otherwise never see. Because of the success of this mobile library, Mr. Kenneth, (our Susu Director) has made several other contacts with schools further away that also want the mobile library to visit their schools!

ELI is planning for this greater impact in rural communities so that many more children can enjoy library day. The challenge thus far has been logistics; it has not been possible to take the heavy duty mountain bike and cart further than it is already going. But, thanks be to God, a motorbike will be purchased very soon to provide the wheels needed to carry books and educational materials to five more schools! We are excited by this new development; stay tuned for pictures!

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