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Good News in September 2021

ELI enjoys the monthly opportunity to share the stories of how our libraries and various programs affect so many lives in both Malawi and Zambia. Though we write about the number of adult and children participants in these activities, it is the pictures and stories of individuals that touch our hearts and yours. This picture of little Memory with her beautiful smile reminds us of the line in that tender children's song; Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world…and on your behalf, ELI is blessed to represent His love to thousands of children in Malawi and Zambia!


A New Home for the Kids

The newest twin baby goats, Priscilla and Aquila have joined the Susu Village herd and several more kids are scheduled to arrive soon! This is exciting news as more specialized milking goats are needed, but the increasing number of babies is causing the existing goat barn to be bursting at the seams. A better location for the kids has been found, but a new barn with strong fencing is needed. The cost for this important project, (which will benefit so many children) is $2,750. Will you please help us build a new home for the Kids?

According to Google, a group of goats can be called a herd, tribe or trip!


Malawi Mobile Library - Sharing God’s Word

The ELI team was thrilled to bring a few much sought after Bibles on a recent mobile library visit to the villages. Both children and adults enjoy reading and borrowing Bibles, as they are not readily available and can be too expensive for them to purchase.. The children's Bibles are a special treat with their pictures to illustrate these faith building stories.

Daniel K.(age 64) was returning from collecting native broom making materials in the fields and noticed his neighbors gathered together and reading books. He was astonished to learn that they were reading Bibles, and asked Jacob (EL Malawi Director) if he would read to him. The man explained that he had always wanted to have a Bible of his own, but could never afford to buy one. He had only heard the Word when he could attend a church service. Jacob was reading from an English language Bible, so he read and translated the text into the local language. When asked what passage he read to the elderly man, Jacob replied,"I started at the beginning and read from Genesis."

ELI regularly sends both adult and children's English language Bibles in our book box shipments; it remains one of the most sought after books! It is also our desire to fund the purchase of local language Bibles for the adults that have not had the benefit of learning English in school. Please visit our Be Involved page and learn how you can support this need.


What in the world does Johnny Tremain have in common with Mr. Benson, a farmer from a remote village in Zambia? Probably nothing.  And that’s the point.  For anyone who knows the classic novel, it takes place during the American Civil War.  Even though the Boston Tea Party, silversmiths, Paul Revere, and typesetters are completely foreign to Mr. Benson, he is no stranger to universal themes of hardship, overcoming adversity, honor, and the difference that one person can make when they invest in another. 

Mr. Benson is an example of internalizing what he has learned from books and putting it into action. He successfully petitioned for Elizabeth's Library Zambia to make his village one of the outreach sites for the mobile library program, and he volunteered to serve as the liaison.

Mr. Benson shared what he has gleaned most from reading his library books, it’s how one can be strengthened in adversity and the importance of helping others. His love of reading has helped bring a library to his village. Maybe Johnny Tremain and Benson Mwape have a lot in common after all.

Read more about Mr. Bensen in our April Newsletter.


A BIG thank you to all who contributed to the Drive Sweet Susu Produce to Market campaign. The truck has been purchased and the cargo ship has left Japan. Next stop is the port in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania  and then a five day drive across several African countries before arriving in Susu. Amazing!

Read more about this campaign on our website.


September is a month we think of children going back to school, advancing grades and having new opportunities to learn and develop. ELI is excited to know that our mobile library programs and literacy classes are providing opportunities for children and adults to reach their educational goals. ELI hopes that their uplifting stories will encourage your continued prayers and financial support, because Jesus loves ALL the children of the world.

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