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Good News in September 2020

It's been said that, "Libraries are the key to developing a community literacy strategy, and they provide a venue for educational programs and activities that raise up an entire community."  ELI is witnessing significant changes in the communities where we are establishing literacy programs and sharing library resources. Adults and children who can read and write have an immediate and far reaching affect on their families, communities and country. We're excited for you to read and be encouraged by our Good News!


Susu, Zambia

Pave the Way to Light the Library

Our Pave the Way campaign was such a success in providing funds to finish the new library construction in Zambia, that we are extending the opportunity for those who wish to pave the way! How it works: You purchase a brick with a $50 donation, and your name (or someone you wish to honor) will be painted on the brick, paving the way to the library. These additional funds will purchase solar panels for the library, providing electricity to Light the Library! This lighting would provide extended library hours and allow additional literacy classes in the evening, the first of its kind in this rural area! The cost of these solar panels is $1700. The library also has been fitted with steps and a ramp for physically challenged patrons; we want everyone to have access to this beautiful new library!


Literacy Classes

Literacy opportunities remain a top priority for ELI. There are currently five literacy classes meeting in the eleven villages enrolled in the Susu Mobile Library program. ELI provides literacy curriculum and reading resources that will in turn bring educational opportunities to change lives! A quote from the HuffPost, “ The ability to read allows a person to unlock a world of possibilities. Literacy improves economic, psychological, social, and physical  well being.” Imagine going into a store and not being able to read the ingredients on a box- sadly this is true for many in these rural areas. The library and literacy classes unlock a whole new world not just for the one in the literacy class but for their entire family; many are waiting for the Susu Library to fully open to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities to learn!


Mr. Kenneth

Congratulations to Mr. Kenneth on his recent graduation! He has completed a teaching credential from Malcolm Moffat College! Mr. Kenneth along with his teaching staff at Susu Village School all volunteer their time and skills to educate the children of their village and minister through the mobile library program! Mr. Kenneth also oversees all the farm and building operations at the Susu location as well as the mobile library which serves eleven villages. We at ELI are blessed abundantly by Mr. Kenneth’s amazing work ethic and his tireless efforts to makes ELI Zambia the best library it can be! Thank you Mr. Kenneth and God bless you!


Behind the Good News

ELI receives many compliments on our monthly newsletter, so we want to introduce Alicia Glauser, a Board member and lead writer on our social media team. She suggested that ELI publish a monthly newsletter that would highlight what is being accomplished through your partnership and investments in ELI. No one knew back in January that 2020 would be such a challenging year and Good News would be so welcome! Alicia has commented that writing for ELI provides a way for her to share stories that are uplifting and encouraging and bring glory to God.


It is a joy to share what God is doing through Elizabeth’s Library, and to give you, our readers an opportunity to partner with us. Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support.

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