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Good News in November 2020

Our hearts here at ELI are filled with joy and thanksgiving as we anticipate the beauty of the Christmas season, bringing the ultimate Good News of great joy that Jesus Christ was born. We are grateful and excited to share some of our good news stories from November, knowing you will be encouraged and blessed.


Pave the Way to Light the Library

Susu, Zambia

Thank you to all of you who've purchased a brick towards the Pave the Way campaigns! The construction at the Susu Community Library is finished and the installation of solar panels will soon begin to provide night lighting in the library. ELI is thrilled to announce that both projects have been fully funded! EL Zambia staff are busy completing the remaining tasks, but are planning for an early spring opening of the new Susu Community Library - truly a dream coming true.


Susu Literacy Ladies

Susu women, who are attending the ELI sponsored literacy classes, want to ensure that their volunteer teachers would be blessed and compensated in some small way. So, they began baking biscuits to sell to the school children and villagers. The process to bake 125 biscuits per day in the traditional way is quite unique to our eyes. The oven consists of a hole in the ground, which is lined with concrete. The "oven" is filled with very hot coals, which heat the concrete to the desired temperature, and then are removed. The biscuit dough is placed in the oven and a sheet of corrugated aluminum covered with more hot coals is placed on top. At just the right moment, fresh hot bread rolls are removed and the tantalizing smell of fresh bread draws in the customers.

These industrious women would also like to start a small sewing business, and are determined to use their new literacy and basic business knowledge to become more self sufficient. They want to care and provide for their children, who will soon be using the resources at the new community library. The heart of a faithful ELI supporter was touched by the story of these women and organized a fund raiser to purchase two sewing machines and basic supplies. Only $ 230.00 is needed to fully fund this project. Your gift to the Susu sewing project will change many lives.

All of us at ELI, both here and in Africa, want to thank you for your prayers and continued financial support. We are excited to think about and pray for God's leading in our next steps in 2021. We together are God's hands and feet in far away lands.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas- because the angel announced two thousand years ago:

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."

- Luke 2:11

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