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Good News in June 2020

With Covid restrictions beginning to lesson, our ELI libraries are excitedly preparing to open once again and provide the literacy classes and the educational resources to their surrounding villages and communities. Though the libraries themselves have been closed, there is plenty of good news that has occurred in June that we are delighted to share with you.


The 10,000 Mile Journey

Perhaps you've wondered how the the processing of books and materials begin and end their journey from California to Africa. ELI team members carefully select  and pack the best of the donated items; choosing those that are up to date, in new or almost new condition, and meeting the patron needs in each of our libraries.

Shipping the books and materials is expensive, so ELI seeks out the best value for money to ensure that our book boxes arrive safely, intact, and will make it through the customs of each country. Upon entry to Zambia, Malawi, or Zimbabwe, the boxes are picked up by our directors and driven to their library destination. At the library the boxes are happily received by library helpers, unpacked, checked, and then placed on library shelves or prepared for the mobile library program.


Domboshava, Zimbabwe

At each of our library locations, ELI works with the community to establish income generating projects which will help support the community library. The Domboshava Literacy Ladies have already planted several large vegetable gardens. and will now become the caregivers of the newly established poultry project with the arrival of 100 chicks. The chicks will be fully grown and sold at market in eight weeks.  A huge step forward for this project.

ELI librarians Grace (left) and Portia (right) have recently begun allowing five children at a time to use the library, while they prepare new guidelines, and provide hand washing stations to make ready for the full opening of the library sometime in July.


Susu Village, Zambia

Gargantuan cabbages have flourished on the farmland connected to the Susu library, along with tomatoes, and continued births of baby goats! The Susu community is well on its way to bringing the fruit of the farm to market, then the proceeds will be reinvested to help support the library! Mr. Kenneth ( ELI Director) has been overseeing the construction of the new library building, and he reports that many local officials (and further away) have shown interest in the ELI model, “Its gone viral!” Because the ELI model so drastically changes the community for the better, with literacy, educational opportunities, and sustainable projects, people see its value and seek it for their communities. As the new library construction is underway at Susu, Zambia-ELI would like to share a wonderful opportunity for you to “pave the way” to the library. Only $5000.00 is needed to finish the new library building that will house thousands of books, Bibles, and educational materials in Susu, and supports our very successful mobile library program. Your $50 donation will buy a brick with your name to pave the way, literally pave the path to the building, to literacy and a better future for Susu and its surrounding villages in Zambia. Or perhaps you would like to make the donation in memory of a favorite teacher that opened the doors of education for you, or in your grandma’s name, who read your favorite bedtime story! Let’s pave the way to the library and open the doors to a brighter future!



The ELI book boxes often have space to include extra blessings for the communities's children. These beautiful comforters were lovingly created  and blessed by members of Saint Ansgar's Church in Salinas CA. We love the message on the heart, “Jesus Loves Me" and these blankets are now on the way to Zambia and Malawi with that very message of hope and ELI’s belief, that Jesus loves each and every human being. Thank you for your love, prayers, and support for Elizabeth’s Library.

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