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An Orchard For Susu

A few weeks ago, ELI posted the story of the newly purchased land in Susu Village funded by the community of Britton, South Dakota. This is the site for the future community library and  income generating projects.

ELI friends were touched by the story of a community in South Dakota caring about a village in Zambia, and asked," What's the next step for this project?" We replied that the community had determined that an orange and banana orchard would provide needed food for the 400 village children, and be a profitable market crop - contributing funds to the operating budget of the library programs.

Within ten days, funds were received and sent to Susu. The community immediately began the hard physical work of clearing and preparing the land for the planting of 100 orange and banana trees! In just a few weeks, the ELI team will visit Susu and post pictures of the new orchard. 

This is truly a reminder of how God delights in meeting needs and how He works through people just like you. ELI is grateful for all the generous hearts wanting to share with others. This new orchard will bless the community now and for future generations, as these hard working farmers grow this new business.

Next step? A goat herd for Susu!

Goat milk and fresh fruit from the new orchard will be important additions to the diet of the village children. Many of these children attend school malnourished and hungry which can impede concentration and learning. Their two room school has been renovated and supplied with great resources, and soon construction of a permanent community library will begin. With dietary challenges met, the children will have optimum opportunities for their education and a better future.

Your gift of $35 would purchase a goat for Susu. We're praying for a big herd as 400 children need a lot of milk! As the herd grows, Susu plans to  bless the villages enrolled in the mobile library program with a pair of goats to help feed their children. 

GOATS: another gift that will bless many generations.

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