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Land For Future Library

One year ago through an article in the Britton Journal, Lana Lynn, the founder of ELI and a native of Britton, SD challenged her hometown with funding the construction of a community  library to be built in Susu Village, Zambia. Thus far, current and former residents of Britton have contributed $ 4,500.00 - exactly the amount needed to purchase a beautiful piece of riverfront property. Go Britton! Finding property with access to the river was especially beneficial, as the Susu community will plant fruit and vegetable gardens that will provide food for students and generate income to help support the library programs.

ELI recently funded the renovation of two rooms in Susu Village school where the current library is located; but it is still bursting at the seams! In addition to the library program and adult literacy classes, the mobile library program continues to expand. Several hundred new books are now on the way to meet the growing needs of the mobile library program which serves other schools and communities. ELI is amazed and grateful for the many open doors to bring literacy and educational opportunities to students  young and old alike hungry to learn.Thank you Britton South Dakota for your generous giving. You have started the process and one day, there will be a new community library contributing to the education of thousands of children and a better future for the country of Zambia.

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