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Good News in November 2021

ELI is very thankful for all the many blessings received during this special season of Thanksgiving. And, we are especially grateful for all our ELI friends, who’ve prayed faithfully and gave so generously to this ministry that continues to change lives in so many ways. Please rejoice and share in our thankfulness as you read November's stories of blessings; a new truck transporting abundant harvests of produce to market, toys for village children, and the gospel going forward with local language Bibles!

Psalm 107:1 Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.


The new farm truck for Susu Village was welcomed with great rejoicing and cheering. It was a long journey from Japan, and there were continuous prayers for a safe journey and it’s “on time arrival” because the watermelons were ripe and ready. The truck arrived on a Sunday and on Tuesday morning the first load of watermelons were on the road. Over several days, 3,520 of the Sweet Susu watermelons reached the Kabwe produce markets. In the next few weeks, the new truck will carry 20,000 heads of cabbage to Kabwe and other markets further afield. The profits from these sales will be reinvested in future crops and help support the operational costs of the library and outreach programs. We give thanks for God's perfect timing, and for a plentiful harvest bringing fruits and vegetables to many communities.


Mr. Benson's Story Continues

A few months ago, we shared the story of Mr. Benson a farmer from Mapulanga village. Mr. Benson loves to read and didn't mind walking the long distance to check out books from the new Susu library. When others in his village (and especially the children) learned about these books, Mr. Benson volunteered to be a book monitor and keep a collection of books to share with his many neighbors. This two month program has been very successful, not only providing a closer location for the village; but now Mr. Benson is also helping school aged children with their homework! Mr. Benson has made the suggestion that building a permanent structure would accommodate more children needing schoolwork help, and how it could provide educational activities, such as learning to play chess!

Mr. Benson loves to read the Bible, so he was thrilled that two new local languages were added to the inventory. He recently finished reading Oliver Twist for the first time, and has asked for more copies of this classic story for his little library. He wants the village children to learn they don’t have to be jealous of their friends. We are thankful for Mr. Benson's heart for his community and we are eager to see how God will answer this prayer.


Play Equipment for the Library

The village children (like children everywhere) enjoy playing soccer, even if the only ball to be had is makeshift - a plastic bag stuffed with other plastic bags and leaves. An ELI donor was touched by the story of children with such limited resources for play, so he contributed funds to purchase athletic equipment for the three villages in Malawi. Jacob said the children's (and adult's) joy and amazement cannot be described. It was the first time in their lives to play with a real soccer ball or to fly throw a handball. The girls were especially delighted with jump ropes and the smaller children learned how to throw balls at a "sticky plate." The toys have been left with the three village book monitors, so the children can play between library visits. Physical activity, and playing games can also sharpen the skills needed in development, so we are very grateful for these additions to the library.


Dorothy & Miracle

EL Malawi’s newest teacher Miracle, again focused her attention on Dorothy. She encouraged Dorothy to participate in the group activities to learn new skills. There is a special bond developing between Miracle and Dorothy as this precious little deaf girl is introduced to a way of communicating with others and learning to color and count. Despite being shy, Dorothy was encouraged to play with the other children as they began playing with the new balls. This was the first time Dorothy was included in play with the others. The EL Mobile Library has opened new avenues for community among the villagers; with literacy programs for adults and much needed basic instruction for the children. As more educational opportunities become available to these very rural areas, we are confident of more powerful testimonies to follow.


Bibles for Malawi

Local language Bibles are always requested and needed. An ELI donor responded and several local language Bibles were distributed in the Malawi villages. Jacob reports that everyone and especially the village pastors (some who did not even own a Bible) were overjoyed. Everyone in the village considers a Bible their most treasured possession. Would you prayerfully consider a special gift for local language Bibles? This investment will continue to bear fruit for generations to come!


More baby goats are due any day, and a new home is a priority need in Susu. We are grateful to all who have contributed to this campaign, and only $1700 remains to fund this project. Let’s build a new home for the kids!


Once again, ELI is grateful for you, for every gift, and every prayer offered up for our friends and ministries in Africa. ELI has many additional ways to bless others this holiday season. Please have a look at our Christmas List for opportunities to bless the libraries and projects we support in Malawi and Zambia. Thank you so much!

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