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GOOD NEWS in Review from 2018!

Early in the year, a new well was drilled to provide clean water the community desperately needed after the prior one collapsed, leaving the village with just a trickling stream. The garden again has flourished, growing watermelons, tomatoes and squash. 

Susu’s innovative teacher, Mr. Kenneth, also spearheaded ELI’s first ever mobile library with bicycle and cart bringing books to children in villages near and far; a huge success! The village school also recently renovated their library classroom which now is used for the adult literacy program as well. Good news indeed!

So many donations came forward this year for H of M in the way of food, book boxes, beds, quilts and clothing. H of M is also working towards establishing  a poultry raising project through our Chicken and Shoes fundraiser ( ongoing). Thank you!

We all rejoiced as the first building, Tellmore’s Reading Room was completed this December. This new building is home to the Dombashava literacy  program which has benefited many women. The building  also has allowed ELI to move all our Zimbabwe library books to this location while we wait to construct the  Pastoral and Children’s Libraries. 

The Dombashava location also received a new well this year, and we were able to purchase adjoining land for gardening and establish a much needed poultry raising project. Good news!

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